We are currently hiring students at all levels! If you are interested in working with us, please email Prof. Rallabandi with a CV and brief description of your interests and experience.

Graduate students: If you are an incoming graduate student interested in working with the group, write to us with your CV and a brief description of your background, research interests and relevant undergraduate coursework. If you are already a graduate student at UCR and would like to spend time in our lab, also include the contact details of your primary research advisor.

Undergraduate students: If you are undergraduate and would like to do your thesis in our lab or just gain exposure to research, email us with a brief description of your background and interests. You do not need prior research experience, but you must be eager to learn new things!

Postdoctoral researchers: We are looking for creative researchers with expertise in microfluidics, soft matter physics or fluid mechanics with either experimental or modeling backgrounds. If you would like to work with us, send a CV with a cover letter describing your past work and current interests, along with contact information for two references.