We develop fundamental insights into fluid flow in soft and particulate systems occurring in natural and engineered contexts. We are motivated by problems of transport and flow relevant to microfluidics, biological transport, and climate science. 

We draw on ideas from fluid dynamics, soft matter physics and applied mathematics, and use a mix of theory, computation and experiments. Our experiments frequently involve microscopy and high-speed imaging, and our theoretical tools range from asymptotic and perturbation methods to developing multiscale multiphysics simulations of particulate flows. 

Some topics of recent interest are:

  • Propulsion and sorting of particulate suspensions using sound
  • Manipulating inertial effects to drive flow in microfluidic channels
  • Understanding fluid flow in flexible conduits and channels
  • Understanding friction and force transmission between squishy materials
  • Understanding the transport properties of Arctic sea ice

We are always interested in discussing new ideas and welcome collaborations. If you are interested in working with us, please get in touch. 

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